Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is in charge of the various departments and is there REALLY a Mrs. Nelson?

Yes, Judy Nelson exists but has been retired from the book business since 2011. She is now serving her community as the Mayor of her hometown, Glendora. Her daughter Laura runs the Book Fair division and her son Patrick runs the Library Services division and Bindery.


About how long would it take to get a quote response?

It usually takes 1-2 days to receive a quote. We can send a pdf document to your email account, fax a copy, mail a copy, or simply phone you with the pricing.


How is Sales Tax determined?

We charge tax according to the county our customer is located in. Out of state customers are tax exempt.


 How is shipping charges determined?

We offer free shipping on any orders over $300. Orders less than $300 are charged actual freight cost (FedEx or USPS Media Mail).


 How do items ship?

We ship via FedEx or USPS unless our customer requests to use their own shipping account.


How long does it take to receive an order?

Books available in our inventory can ship within a week or two (look for books with the  logo on our website). Standard book orders (no book binding) takes approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive from the publishers. For orders with books being sent through our bindery, please allow an extra 2-3 weeks. Prebound Novel orders take 3-4 weeks.


Do we charge any other fees on an order?

There are no extra fees or service charges.


Do we send an itemized invoice?

All orders will be packed and shipped with a copy of the invoice. We will also mail a copy of the invoice to the Accounts Payable department or to our customer directly. We can also email a copy in pdf format. All invoices will be itemized with the book title and any other services performed (binding, Kapco covers, etc).


What are the payment terms for a P.O./Invoice?

Net 30. We also accept checks and most major credit cards (sorry, no American Express).