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  •  Our Prebound Novels are hand-crafted at our family-run company in Pomona, California. We work hard to make sure the quality of our binding is superior to our competition. Our covers are created by scanning the original book, making adjustments to the layout in Photoshop, reprinting in full color, and laminating with a durable 2 mil polyester laminate.


  • We glue the book pages using a “double-fan” process, cold glue, and “Ultra Stretch” material on the spine which allows the edge of the pages to bind together and form a tight, flexible bond. After allowing the glue to dry, we slightly trim the book block to make the new end sheets flush with the book block.


  • The last step is to “case in” the book block with the cover. High-density binder board is cut to the dimensions of the book and then glued to the cover. The corners of the cover are folded with “library corners” to allow for a rounded edge and more padding to protect against wear and tear. The book block is then glued to the cover, pressed, and notched to ensure the glue has bonded with the paper. The book is then cleaned and inspected before being sent to the packing department.


  •  With access to virtually any book in print, Mrs. Nelson's can offer custom prebinding for the same low price as our standard inventory. If you would like a quote, please contact us with the title and ISBN. 


Free Sample Prebound Novel

See for yourself why districts choose Mrs. Nelson’s for all their book and binding needs! We will gladly send you a sample of our prebinding at no cost. Call us at (800) 875-9911 or email us at


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